One for all you heads

Been looking to build up my old school hip hop collection recently and stumbled across It’s got shit loads of artists from the 90’s with loads of their tracks from youtube on there. Been diggin’ out some gems that I hadn’t even heard of whilst going through their collection. You guys gotta check this one out if you’re looking to find some dope tracks¬†from back in the day.

Check out this joint that I found on there:

Last gig in Brooklyn

Just wanna thank everyone who came out last night to see me supporting Afu-Ra. Was amazing to perform with this guy and he put on a great performance.


New Equipment

Just picked up a fair bit of new equipment. Firstly, check out my new decks:
New Decks
Got these badboys pretty cheap and they’re a massive upgrade from my Stanton t80’s that I was using previously.

Next up, got myself a pair of decent headphones. Went for the AIAIAI TMA-1’s and I wasn’t disappointed. The sound quality is great and I’ve been using them for production as well as for playing out. I’ll put a pic up soon.

Also, a bit unrelated, but picked up a swag looking watch on the cheap. Found it on¬†and it’s made by a brand called Invicta which I’d never heard of but it looks like a rolex. Here’s a picture:

Invicta Watch